What is Beauty Revived?

Beauty Revived is an online and print publication dedicated to telling the stories of real girls with real beauty. In a world where the media celebrates only those with perfect skin, weight and hair, Beauty Revived is a site that focuses on real beauty. Photographers from all over the world donate photography sessions to High School Seniors who exemplify this real beauty. These sessions are featured on our blog, entered to be in our annual magazine and entered for a chance to win one of (3) $3500 scholarship.


What is the Beauty Revived’s Mission Statement?

To uplift, inspire and empower photographers to shed light on the good, the strong and the beautiful.



What is a Beauty Revived Session?

A Beauty Revived session is a session donated by a photographer to a high school senior who displays attributes of true beauty. These sessions can be done any way and style but should be appropriate to tell their story.


Who can be nominated?

We welcome any high school senior graduating in 2016 to apply.


What do we consider to be BEAUTIFUL?

We want to find those girls who are beautiful on the inside. Whether that beauty is shown in her service to her friends and family, overcoming extreme hardship, being a great example etc. Three Girls will be chosen by our panel of unbiased fellow photographers. Once the girls are chosen, I will have a photo session with them. About a week after the session, we will have a Revive Beauty night to honor the girls. Their family and friends will be invited to see them receive their award and to view their pictures from the session.

ANYONE can nominate a 2016 Senior girl who is truly beautiful and has a beautiful story to tell. 


Click here to nominate someone. 

Nominations CLOSE November 10 at 11PM Central Time.


A special thank you to our local sponsors!

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