Commercial photographs of product lines, or of individual products. The imagery/photographs focus on either design (reveal the detail and feel of a product to the customer) or use of the product (attraction of the product to a potential buyer). The commercial usage of product photography can vary from advertisements, merchandising and/or product placement. This could be for brochures, leaflets, menus, websites, catalogs, etc.

We offer different types of product photography, including: group shots, component shots, individual shots, detail shots, teaser shots and retail product shots.


Group shots are intended for a group of products, composed of two or more. These are often used for items in the same product line or products that are packed in different quantities.


This is done for the components of a certain product. This could include accessories or multiple piece products.


One item is shoot at a time. This the opposite of the group shot. Individual shots are done to give emphasis to every item or if the items are to be priced or promoted individually.


It is the close-up of some parts or the features of the product.


It is often done with artistic appeal. The purpose of this shot is to get the interest of the viewer. This type of shot is often used as brochure cover, catalogue category divider and packaging graphic design. Teaser shot is usually done with props and is set up to suggest usage of the product and the lifestyle that the product fits into.


Used mainly for planograms or product content management. Pictures of the product as it is packed for retailers.

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